Thirteen points for a b2b website


Thirteen points FOR A WELL DONE B2B website

Trends and leanings for 2013

1) NAVIGATION Bring the visitor where he wants to be and should be, without worrying too much logic (people donʼt surfin a logical way)

2) Facilitate surfing flows and free navigation

3) FEATURES Identify your target, and develop functionalities that allow experiences targeted on its interests

4) Ensure an enjoying experience on each platform

5) VISUAL FEELING Choose a simple and clean design, with big text, colorful writings, large visual

6) Use a lot of video, quick and simple to display

7) Take care drawing the offer, illustrate it in an authentic original and consistent way (infographic), with clarity and concreteness (case study)

8) Highlight prices, rates, pricing models and methods of service, if possible

9) Communicate the company mission generously and spontaneously: information, stories, faces

10) Make the company profile humanistic, exploiting people, values and culture

11) Include social media features: "I like it" from Facebook, YouTube channel, Linkedin profiles, Twitter, which allow comments and more

12) Check activities on your website: CRM systems, content management to know ROI of display marketing, PPC, email marketing

13) Facilitate contact: a live chat can be important for B2B websites interested in providing first class service!


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